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March 16, 2021

Grand Opening Event Day 16 - Mina Carter Promo & Giveaway!

Hello my lovelies! Today is day 16 of my Grand Opening Event and we have Mina Carter for a Promo and Giveaway!  Scroll down and enter to win a $20.00 Amazon Gift Card!


Alien AI’s Marine

Warriors of the Lathar, #14


She never wanted a body. Until she met her human marine.

One of the most advanced AI’s in the empire, Keris is used to being so much more than any biological could dream of. She never expected that saving a lone human would lead to her taking physical form…

But a new form comes with a whole host of new problems. She’s gone from being able to run a ship single-handed to struggling to co-ordinate her own two legs. And when Jay is around, her new brain quits functioning. All she can think about is the handsome human, and what his lips would feel like on hers…

He's the lone human male in a sea of lethal alien warriors. He's either gifted or suicidal...

Kidnapped by aliens, rescued, and now on a secret base in a system he can't even pronounce, Major Jay Stephens has given up on a wing and a prayer... he's now on kicking butt and taking names. Especially when it comes to the alien AI who's risked everything, even her 'life' to protect him.

The only problem... she's gone and gotten herself a body. Beautiful and delicate, she evokes reactions in him that should be illegal. The REAL problem? An AI in physical form is totally illegal and against just about every law in Latharian society. Which means lots of lethal aliens want to kill it, and by extension, his AI.

And that’s going to be a problem. Because Jay thinks… no, he knows he's in love with her, and no little (large) green (totally not green) men are going to draanth up the best thing he ever had...



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Part of the Warriors of the Lathar series:


Mina was born and raised in the East Farthing of Middle Earth (otherwise known as the Midlands, England) and spend her childhood learning all the sorts of things generally required of a professional adventurer. Able to ride, box, shoot, make and read maps, make chainmail and use a broadsword (with varying degrees of efficiency) she was disgusted to find that adventuring is not considered a suitable occupation these days.

So, instead of slaying dragons and hunting vampires and the like, Mina spends her days writing about hot shifters, government conspiracies and vampire lords with more than their fair share of RAWR. Turns out wanna-be adventurers have quite the turn of imagination after all...

(But she keeps that sword sharp, just in case the writing career is just a dream and she really *is* an adventurer.)

The boring part: A full time author, photographer and cover artist, Mina can usually be found hunched over a keyboard or graphics tablet, frantically trying to get the images and words in her head out and onto the screen before they drive her mad. She's addicted to coffee and would like to be addicted to chocolate, but unfortunately chocolate dislikes her.

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  1. OMG How have I never heard of this author? I am a big PNR fan. Thanks for the chance to meet new authors.

    1. Just grabbed the first book in the series.

  2. Mina Carter is fabulous! Love her books.


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