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March 2, 2021

Grand Opening Event Day 2 - Promo & Giveaway w/ S.E. Smith!

Hey Everyone!  

Welcome to Day 2 of my Grand Opening Event!  

Today we'll have a Promo & Giveaway for The Fairy Tale Series by S.E. Smith.

If you miss any days throughout this event, don't worry!  I will be keeping ALL of the contests open until April 3 so everyone has a chance to enter all the Author Giveaways for the entire month!

The Fairy Tale Series

A collection of modern day fairy tales told with a twist.

The Beast Prince

Lisa discovers more than she expects when she steps through an enchanted doorway during a game of Manhunt with her cousins. On the other side is a Prince that has been cursed.

Sharden is running out of time. Cursed before he was even born, he waits by the doorway for the one the witch said could break the spell. What he gets is a curvy human woman who doesn’t have a clue that his world even existed, much less how to break a curse.

Join Lisa and Sharden as they discovered that it doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside; it is who you are on the inside that counts in this delightful fairy tale.

Check out a sneak peak of The Beast Prince Music Video

Get your copy here:

The Warrior's Whisper

 Aditsan Claw, adrift in a world he no longer understands, knows his spirit is slipping away. Lost, alone, and near death, he accepts that he will soon leave the world of his people. When the vision of a woman appears before him, he concludes he must be dreaming—until he feels her gentle touch against his skin.

Angeni heard the soft sigh on the wind. Curious, she follows the heartbroken whisper. Her journey leads her to a wounded warrior.

Forbidden to help, but unable to resist, Angeni risks her very existence to help the warrior. Can two souls, bound by different rules, find a way to stay together in a world where neither belongs?

Note: The Warrior's Whisper was previously released in The Glittering World anthology.

Get your copy here:

Meet SE Smith

I have written stories most of my life.  It seems the characters live inside me begging to get out and tell their stories.  As a child, I loved laying out under the stars and imagining what it would be like to travel to far off worlds.  The one beautiful thing about having such a vivid imagination is seeing it as if I am really there.  Of course, the true work comes from trying to re-create that world on paper so others can see and experience the same thing.

One thing I believe in is there is a heroine out there in all of us.  One who is strong, compassionate, a little afraid to step out of her comfort zone but willing to take the chance, especially for something or someone she really believes in.  My heroes, of course, learn they have met their partner.  A strong hero knows how to feel emotions and is not afraid or ashamed of them.  He might not always understand them but he is willing to live and learn.

Each character seems to come alive on the paper.  I might have one way of viewing them but as they start to tell their story it is their voice, experiences, and reactions to the world around them that make them who they are.  Sometimes they listen to me, other times, not.  I don’t mind as each book is a discovery all in itself.

I try to write everyday but even I need a break sometimes.  I write for the enjoyment and it comes through in my books.  If I get a block, I set it aside and do something else.  My hero often is on me about exercising more and I am trying…really I am.

Besides writing, I enjoy camping, traveling, and spending time with my family.  I believe it is important to have balance in life.  All work and no play…blah, blah, blah….  So, if I get a little behind I’ve learned it is not the end of the world.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the stories as much as I have.  I look forward to writing more and sharing the amazing worlds with all of my readers.

Sometimes a story catches your imagination so much it has to be told. That is what I love about writing. It lets the images in your mind burst forth into words drawing a vivid picture that takes you away on a journey that would otherwise be impossible.

S.E. Smith is giving a signed paperback set of The Fairy Tale Series (books 1 and 2) and an awesome pair of Dragon Lords of Valdier Bookmarks!
Enter below!


  1. New author for me. The Beast Prince sound very intriguing. Thank you for the chance to win a book from you

  2. I’m such a huge fan!! ❤️❤️❤️

  3. I started reading Tink's Neverland last year, but my kindle crashed and I couldn't find it after. I hadn't gotten very far in, but it was pretty good. Thanks for reminding me to finish it.

  4. I love, love everything from SE Smith.


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